Tascent Biometric Solutions | Iraq

Biometric Identity for the Real World

As the leader in intuitive biometrics, Tascent provides the biometric hardware, software, and services that unlock the benefits of strong identity. By combining intelligent biometric capabilities with unparalleled usability, Tascent provides essential tools that facilitate the frictionless flow of people and transactions in a connected world.

From integration to the end-user experience, Tascent is proud to deliver intuitive biometric solutions that power innovative, real-world applications.

High Throughput

  • InSight Duo capable of iris and face capture at up to 2.5m in <2 sec
  • Processing tens of millions of passengers each year

Mobile Identity

  • iPhone-based multimodal biometric platform delivers intuitive iris, fingerprint, face, and voice
  • SDK enables full customization, supporting diverse customers and rapid growth

Identity Software & Services

  • SDKs for seamless device integration and app customization
  • Server solutions enable rapid deployment of Tascent devices with back-end identity capabilities